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Another Fine Art image

Another in the series of the Fine Art images. Thankfully I don't need the Facebook cover bar to make sure I don't get thrown off, which is a bonus because it shows the image as I intended it to be seen and not with some sort of star, bar or even stupid sticker type effects only to protect some people from seeing a women's nipple. This is a long term project as I really need a house to shoot in because I just cannot create the room sets that I need even with all my studio furniture. This I know will take ages to find and a sympathetic person to allow me in their private space.

Now only to find other people to get involved and brave enough to bare all. I wish I could travel the world doing this and finding people form different cultures as I would love to see what that would bring. If anyone does want to be part of the series please just give us a call.

Cheers Shane

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