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My Old Blog

Why did I ever stop using my old blog heaven only knows? I have looked over it and it's so lovely to look back and remember all those times.

Go and have a look it's fun, I know I had a laugh looking at the images and the lovely customers.

My very first post was on 28th April 2006 entitled 'Katie red dress' and the last one on the 23rd January 2013. I know I will be making a few visits and enjoying some of the memories after all this is what we do. The sad thing is that I know some people are no longer with us which makes it even more precious that pictures have been taken and they are hanging on a wall somewhere reminding people of loved ones no longer with us. Hopefully now I'm back on the right path and I must say I do prefer the blog posts to fb post personally but alas fb is here to stay.


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