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So you're here and reading

So, you're here and reading, hoping for sure that I can muster up something profound to say or even some words that make sense. Well you will be disappointed. I'm just a man and my writing is well just about good enough for a blog and maybe that's why creating pictures is my game and not writing a novel.

So why a new site might be a question and a good one at that. I found that 2 sites, one for print sales and one for my studio was tough to keep an eye on and get all the time needed to keep it up to date. I had the same with 2 Facebook pages and why I have closed one of them. Was it the right one I will never know and just hope it was.

I hope to keep this blog current and fun and also showcase my work better.

I realised when I found my old blog that it was more fun and informative than the Facebook page. I will also release each week 1 fine art image that will be on sale with a 50% sale. Especially with Christmas this could be a great present of a limited edition fine art print.


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