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Boudoir sessions-the need to know bit

Boudoir sessions for most women are scary. They are worried about this bit and that bit, about weight, height, hair, makeup, what to bring, what to wear you name it it's a worry. Yes, every woman is the same and they have not even entered the building. This is what makes it so precious for us to take the time discuss what you would like to achieve and work out the best way to get there.

Some women don't want underwear and feel much sexier and less pressured if they don't have to dress up. Great, so let's do it that way. As you can see from the picture she is totally naked and you can see less than on page three. Others want more raunchy style which is hiding deep down inside, even a more dominant side, well lets talk and find a way that you feel happy expressing this and create these images.

Then you can also have some that have no clue. Again I'm here to help and in most cases we can chat try things and create stunning images that you will love and your partner, husband, or boyfriend will be blown away by. Give us a call on 01491671864 if you want to just even have a chat for a latter date.


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