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Images taken in photographic sessions may be used by Shane Miller Fine Art for display or marketing 

purposes. This could include social media, marketing literature, or galleries on my website. This is for the 

purpose of promoting my photography so clients can see the style of work I create. If you would prefer your images not to be displayed in this way please let me know in writing when you book your photographic 

session. [ All art sessions must allow the use of images taken due to the enormous time in creating them]  

The use of video recording and your own camera is forbidden during your photographic session. Under the copyright and patents act of 1988, Shane Miller Fine Art  retains the copyright of all images taken. It is a 

criminal offence to copy, scan or reproduce photographs without written consent by Shane Miller Fine Art.


By booking a photographic session at Shane Miller fine art you are agreeing to all the above terms and 

conditions. I thank you for your respect.


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